This extension module defines the Python type pygame.Colorpygame object for color representations.

Header file: src_c/include/pygame.h

PyTypeObject *pgColor_Type

The Pygame color object type pygame.Color.

int pgColor_CheckExact(PyObject *obj)

Return true if obj is an instance of type pgColor_Type, but not a pgColor_Type subclass instance. This macro does not check if obj is not NULL or indeed a Python type.

PyObject *pgColor_New(Uint8 rgba[])

Return a new pygame.Color instance from the four element array rgba. On failure, raise a Python exception and return NULL.

PyObject *pgColor_NewLength(Uint8 rgba[], Uint8 length)

Return a new pygame.Color instance having length elements, with element values taken from the first length elements of array rgba. Argument length must be between 1 and 4 inclusive. On failure, raise a Python exception and return NULL.

int pg_RGBAFromObjEx(PyObject *color, Uint8 rgba[], pgColorHandleFlags handle_flags)

Set the four element array rgba to the color represented by object color. Return 1 on success, 0 otherwise and sets a python exception. This in an extension of pg_RGBAFromObj() optimized for pgColor_Type instances and tuples. It can also handle integer and string color inputs based on handle_flags.

int pg_MappedColorFromObj(PyObject *val, SDL_PixelFormat *format, Uint32 *color, pgColorHandleFlags handle_flags)

Like above function, but returns mapped color instead. One notable point of difference is the way in which ints are handled (this function directly interprets the int passed as the mapped color)

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