This is the pygame.displaypygame module to control the display window and screen extension module.

Header file: src_c/include/pygame.h

type pgVidInfoObject

A pygame object that wraps an SDL_VideoInfo struct. The object returned by pygame.display.Info().

PyTypeObject *pgVidInfo_Type

The pgVidInfoObject object Python type.

SDL_VideoInfo pgVidInfo_AsVidInfo(PyObject *obj)

Return the SDL_VideoInfo field of obj, a pgVidInfo_Type instance. This macro does not check that obj is not NULL or an actual pgVidInfoObject object.

PyObject *pgVidInfo_New(SDL_VideoInfo *i)

Return a new pgVidInfoObject object for the SDL_VideoInfo i. On failure, raise a Python exception and return NULL.

int pgVidInfo_Check(PyObject *x)

Return true if x is a pgVidInfo_Type instance

Will return false if x is a subclass of pgVidInfo_Type. This macro does not check that x is not NULL.

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