What Are Special Flags?

Special flags are a means of controlling how a Surface is drawn onto another. They can be used to create visual effects, such as glowing particles, or to perform surface masking or manipulation. They are used with the following methods:

Specifically they are passed as the special_flags argument of these methods by using pygame.BLEND_* constants and allow you to choose how the colors of the surfaces are combined or blended together. Different flags can produce widely different results, so it is important to experiment to understand how they work.

By default, surfaces are drawn without any special flags, meaning they will be drawn based on their bit depth and colorkey:

  • If the Surface has a colorkey, the pixels matching the colorkey will be transparent.

  • If the Surface has a per-pixel or global alpha value, the alpha value will be used to blend the pixels with the Surface below.

  • If the Surface doesn't have a colorkey or alpha value, the pixels will be opaque, meaning that the Surface will effectively overwrite the pixels of the Surface below.

The default drawing mode has its own flag: BLENDMODE_NONE (0).

Special Flags List

Blending without Alpha Channel (RGB)

New in pygame 1.8: / 1.8.1


    Adds the source color channels to the destination color channels, clamped to a maximum of 255. The result color is always a lighter color.


    Subtracts the source color channels from the destination color channels, clamped to a minimum of 0. The result color is always a darker color.


    Multiplies the destination color channels by the source color channels, divided by 256 (or >> 8). The result color is always a darker color.


    Takes the minimum value between the source and destination color channels.


    Takes the maximum value of each color channel

Blending with Alpha Channel (RGBA)

New in pygame 1.8.1:


    Works like BLEND_RGB_ADD, but also adds the alpha channel.


    Works like BLEND_RGB_SUB, but also subtracts the alpha channel.


    Works like BLEND_RGB_MULT, but also multiplies the alpha channel.


    Works like BLEND_RGB_MIN, but also minimizes the alpha channel.


    Works like BLEND_RGB_MAX, but also maximizes the alpha channel.

Special Alpha Blending (RGBA)

New in pygame 1.9.2:

New in pygame 2.0.0:


    Uses the SDL2 blitter for alpha blending, which may give slightly different results compared to the default blitter used in Pygame 1. This algorithm uses different approximations for alpha blending and supports Run-Length Encoding (RLE) on alpha-blended surfaces.

Other (RGB / RGBA)


    It's the default drawing mode. It's equivalent to not passing any special flags.

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