This extension module implements SDL surface locking for the pygame.Surfacepygame object for representing images type.

Header file: src_c/include/pygame.h

type pgLifetimeLockObject
PyObject *surface

An SDL locked pygame surface.

PyObject *lockobj

The Python object which owns the lock on the surface. This field does not own a reference to the object.

The lifetime lock type instance. A lifetime lock pairs a locked pygame surface with the Python object that locked the surface for modification. The lock is removed automatically when the lifetime lock instance is garbage collected.

PyTypeObject *pgLifetimeLock_Type

The pygame internal surflock lifetime lock object type.

int pgLifetimeLock_Check(PyObject *x)

Return true if Python object x is a pgLifetimeLock_Type instance, false otherwise. This will return false on pgLifetimeLock_Type subclass instances as well.

void pgSurface_Prep(pgSurfaceObject *surfobj)

If surfobj is a subsurface, then lock the parent surface with surfobj the owner of the lock.

void pgSurface_Unprep(pgSurfaceObject *surfobj)

If surfobj is a subsurface, then release its lock on the parent surface.

int pgSurface_Lock(pgSurfaceObject *surfobj)

Lock pygame surface surfobj, with surfobj owning its own lock.

int pgSurface_LockBy(pgSurfaceObject *surfobj, PyObject *lockobj)

Lock pygame surface surfobj with Python object lockobj the owning the lock.

The surface will keep a weak reference to object lockobj, and eventually remove the lock on itself if lockobj is garbage collected. However, it is best if lockobj also keep a reference to the locked surface and call to pgSurface_UnLockBy() when finished with the surface.

int pgSurface_UnLock(pgSurfaceObject *surfobj)

Remove the pygame surface surfobj object's lock on itself.

int pgSurface_UnLockBy(pgSurfaceObject *surfobj, PyObject *lockobj)

Remove the lock on pygame surface surfobj owned by Python object lockobj.

PyObject *pgSurface_LockLifetime(PyObject *surfobj, PyObject *lockobj)

Lock pygame surface surfobj for Python object lockobj and return a new pgLifetimeLock_Type instance for the lock.

This function is not called anywhere within pygame. It and pgLifetimeLock_Type are candidates for removal.

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